My Names John, and Im a Stressaholic

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  2. I was ‘addicted to stress’ — here's how to tell if you might be, too
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Save For Later. Create a List. How chronic stress influences basic human health. Read this Snapshot if you: Are interested in how stress evolved and why it seems to be a growing problem Need to learn ways to cope with stress and anxiety Want to learn about the effects of stress on your body.

What is a Snapshot? Learn More. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. The doctor was right about one thing; her thyroid was underperforming. He had notnoticed that her heart was weak.

Elementary Reading | My Name Is Ben | esl-lounge Student

Medical doctors rarely discover an organ weakness until thatorgan actually begins to catastrophically fail. A busy honest doctor will usuallytell the complaining patient there is nothing wrong with them: go home, take twoaspirin, accept the fact that your body is not perfect and don't worry about it. A hungry doctor will be delighted to perform countless lab tests, seeking any possiblereason for the complaint.

This can go on as long as the patient has money or as longas the insurance company will pay. They rarely find anything "wrong" andthe patient is far better off if the doctor doesn't discover something "serious"to treat because their treatment may carry with it consequences far more severe thanthe complaint.

For example, I have seen dozens of people whose lives were virtuallyruined after surgical treatment for chronic back pain. Biokinesiology is actually a far more sensitive system ofanalysis than lab tests. It picks up weaknesses at a very early stage so total organfailure can be prevented.

I was ‘addicted to stress’ — here's how to tell if you might be, too

Rarely will any of the organ weaknesses I discover be confirmedby a medical doctor. First I put Alice on a six week cleanse.

She did one week onfresh, raw food; one week on dilute carrot juice with some green leafy vegetablesjuice too; one week on water fasting; and then she repeated the series. After sixweeks of detoxification, I gave Alice a life extension megavitamin formula, discoveredshe could not handle the acid form of vitamin C that she had already been taking and had her start on protomorphogens to rebuild her weakened endocrine system, herexhausted adrenals and weak pancreas. She also began taking pancreatic enzymes whenshe ate vegetable protein.

She was put on a maintenance diet that eliminated foodsshe was allergic to; the diet primarily consisted of whole grains, nuts, cooked andraw vegetables, and raw fruits. On her maintenance diet Alice had a profound resurgenceof energy and rediscovered a sense of well-being she had not known for decades.

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Shebegan to feel like she had when she was a child. Her constant sinus drip was gone. She was able to stop taking synthetic thyroid hormones and instead, supported herendocrine system with protomorphogens. He spent about four months hanging out with the locals. Life therewas so much fun that John completely forgot that his body was actually rather delicate,that many of his organs were weak, and that to feel good, he had to live a fairlysimon-pure life. But the jovial, accepting, devil-may-care Fijians enjoyeda constant party, even more so because John's money allowed the Fijians to manifestpowerful, tropical, home-grown strains of recreational herbs to smoke in abundance,beer and rum and worse, the Fijians and John constantly used a very toxic thoughonly mildly-euphoric narcotic called kava, something Europeans usually have no geneticresistance to.

The Fijians and John also ate a lot of freshly-caught fish friedin grease, well-salted, and huge, brain-numbing bowls of greasy starches, foods thatthey call i'coi, or "real food" as opposed to things like fruit and vegetablesthat aren't real food because they don't knock you to the floor for hours tryingto digest them in a somnambulant doze.

John miraculously kept up with this party for a few monthsand then, while scuba diving, got some small coral scratches on his leg. These gotinfected.

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The infections got worse. Soon he had several huge, suppurating, ulceroussores on his legs and worse, the infections became systemic and began spreading rapidly. He was running a fever and was in considerable pain. So John booked an emergencyticket home and fled to find Doctor Isabelle. When I met his plane he was rolledout in a wheelchair, unable to walk because of pain and swelling in his legs. John was violently opposed to ordinary medical treatment;he especially would not have taken antibiotics even if he had died without them becauseprevious courses of antibiotics had been the precipitant of life-threatening conditionsthat first brought John to my care.

John used his last strength to get to me becausehe knew that had a hospital gotten its clutches on him the medical doctors wouldhave done exactly as they pleased. I gave John a colonic, a gentle, mental spanking, and puthim to bed without any supper. He started water fasting and did colonics every day. He began gobbling vitamin C as calcium ascorbate a few grams every hour. I puthuge poultices on his sores made of clay and chopped lawn grass we needed a weekor so before a tray of wheat grass would be ready.

John's sores were amazing. Everyday a new one seemed to appear on a different part of the body. The old ones keptgetting bigger and deeper. The largest original ones were about three inches in diameter,smelled horribly and had almost eaten the flesh down to the bone.

Stress Mastery Digest Monthly

His pain was severe;there was no position John could assume that didn't irritate one sore or another,and it was a good thing my house was remote because John frequently relieved hispain by screaming. John was never delirious, but he was always original. He did nothave to scream, but enjoyed its relief and howled quite dramatically. I wore earplugs.

After about two weeks of water fasting, John counted up thetotal of his sores. There were forty three. Seven or eight of them were enormous,two or three inches in diameter and well into the flesh, but the last ones to appearwere shallow, small and stayed small. After that point no more new ones showed upand the body began to make visible headway against the infection. Very slowly andthen more and more rapidly, the sores began to close up and heal from the edges. John's fever began to drop. And he had less pain. I should mention that John broughtan extremely virulent and aggressive pathogenic organism into our house to whichwe Americans had no resistance.

Snapshot Preview

Both my husband and I were attacked where the skinhad been broken. However, unlike John, in our cases, our healthy bodies immediatelywalled-off the organism and the small, reddened pustules, though painful, did notgrow and within a week, had been conquered by our immune systems. And after thatwe had an immunity. After about three weeks of his fasting we were thoroughlytired of hearing John's cathartic howls, tired of nursing a sick person.

We neededa break. John at this point could walk a bit and was feeling a lot better. John hadpreviously water fasted for 30 days and knew the drill very well. So we stocked upthe vitamin C bottle by his bed and went to town for the weekend to stay in a moteland see a movie. As they say in the Canadian backwoods, we were bushed. John had promised to be good.

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But as soon as we left he decidedthat since he felt so very much better, he could break his fast. He knew how to dothis and fortunately for him, it was very much premature for John to eat did itmore or less correctly, only eating small quantities of raw fruits and vegetables. But by the time we got back home three days later, John had relapsed.