My Bass and Other Animals

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  2. FBPO Exclusive Interview with Pink Floyd Bassist Guy PrattFor Bass Players Only
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Create one. Written by Graham Reed.

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Saturday, 27 May In front of the microphone, a guy comes on stage, smokes a lot, swears and derides rock stars for taking drugs. No, It wasn't Bill hicks It was Guy Pratt. The man with the most punk rock name ever, who is easily distracted by hecklers, who told us that whilst he is rehearsing with David Gilmour at Bray Studios Shepperton in Studio 1, Roger Waters dreaded ex-rival leader of Pink Floyd in in Studio 2.

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Its fairly obvious that whilst Bill Hicks was a comic first, rock musician second, with Guy its the other way around. Not to mention being one of the best bass players in the world.

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But tonight was less about the bass as it was about the laughs. I didn't pick up anything about pino palladino's technique, but I did get to watch him leap around stage doing the beginning of 'One of thes days , and explaining the pink floyd synchronised shuffle, which is as close to a dance routine as they ever got.

My Bass and Other Animals

He comes on stage and chat for about 75 minutes. He plays bass a bit , recreating running around the stage avoiding the strobe lights during Pink Floyd Concerts baiting the crowd, mocking Duran Duran for having the same bassline for every single song, mocking mad American shouty fans who think the best way of making the concerts even better is to shout "YOU! Goes the blind bloke thinking mmm, thinly-veiled reference to ex-bass players dad dying in the war.

And then he tells us about his times with Heathrow customs, drinking with Jimmy Page on transatlantic flights, , how David Coverdale is just a single bloke in a pleasure park called ManLand where everyday is a 'Jammies and a Robe' day in his villa in Nevada, and how wherever a woman expresses an interest in you, you've got to be 'Cocksman'. Bless, what more could you expect from a guy who once described his band 'Whitesnake' as 'All about exploring the themes of love, mainly on a perpendicular and horizontal level? In his defence, David Coverdale is from a small coastal village called Saltburn, which is about as exciting as Bartley Green after dark with all the shops shut.

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FBPO Exclusive Interview with Pink Floyd Bassist Guy PrattFor Bass Players Only

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Guy Pratt Goes Wild Komedia. Join the legendary bassist as he dissects life on the road in a hilarious journey from teenage boredom to stadium rock. Related links Komedia. Whats on in Brighton today.

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Clarity and Purpose workshop Wed 13 Nov Lighthouse. Acting Workshop Tue 12 Nov Free creative workshops for people affected by cancer at the Macmillan Horizon Centre. Credit Alexander Sallons. Back in early September , director Mike Mills emailed Matt Berninger The National's frontman to introduce himself and in very short order, the most ambitious project of the National's nearly year career was born and plans for a hard-earned vacation died.

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After attending WWE Live at the Brighton Centre , earlier this week, Dave Cobley felt it was the perfect time to not only focus on how far the company, and the business as a whole, has come, but also to look at how little has changed. Credit Hugo Glendinning. The first show announced for Brighton Festival is Double Murder , a two-part contemporary dance for our times, led by the multi-talented choreographer Hofesh Shechter OBE and performed by ten of his inimitable dancers, accompanied by the sounds of a Shechter-composed score.

Following the release of his seventh studio album Up On High , Vetiver is heading out to Brighton, next month.